What is Let's Start Smart?

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Let's Start Smart teaches your child how to read through interactive video lessons that have clear visual cues. 

Before children learn to read words in print, they must develop the important skill of auditory discrimination--an awareness of how letters and words are used in oral language. 


Quizzes and Worksheet help to fine motor skills in children, and review their understanding of the lessons. With over 1,000 pages of worksheets, teachers can get a strong grasp of the children's learning. 


Powerpoint presentations for each lesson allows the teacher to slowly go through the lesson and address areas of problems that the student has.


Your children's confidence will soar as they learn by singing along to the entertaining music.

The rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration of these songs help children develop phonological awareness which is an essential step in learning to read.


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How do I know Let's Start Smart is rights for my students?

Let's Start Smart is designed for three different types of users:


Educational Institution

As a teacher, finding materials that abide by the common core has always been hard. Its list of teaching requirements is meticulously detailed and accomplishing each of the requirements proves to be quite a daunting task. However, finding teaching materials does not have to be hard. 

Let's Start Smart gives you access to a full English teaching curriculum that is perfect for the Pre-K to 2nd grade student. With the click of a button, you can download pages of worksheets, quizzes, songs, and powerpoint presentations. All of these materials have been set up so that you, the teacher, can have a hassle-free time teaching. 

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Teachers non-native speakers English has always been hard. While there is a plethora of teaching materials that can be found anywhere, those that are geared for the native English speaker may be too hard. Likewise, the materials made for ELL students may sometimes be too easy.  This is where Let's Start Smart comes in. 

The Let's Start Smart curriculum is designed to be a level of difficulty that is just right for the ELL student. Within a year, a student who has finished the curriculum will have developed a vocabulary of 1,500 essential English words, and more importantly, a heightened set of reading comprehension skills that serve to be the foundation of future higher learning. 


These days, homeschooling is becoming more and more of a popular path of education. However, as the parent, you assume full responsibility for your child's educational well-being. If you have no background in education, how do you start teaching your child English reading and writing skills?

On Let's Start Smart, we try to organize our content in the most friendly and easy-to-use way as possible. LSS provides flashcards, videos, songs, and worksheets on a single organized and accessible page. The fun music will keep your child engaged so all you have to do is download the content and have your child start learning! Teaching has never been easier!